F-CDN is a Platform as a Service solution that allows you to offload downloading of all your FiveM Server assets from your actual server. Players instead download from our fast CDN servers located in multiple regions, saving you a lot of bandwidth and dramatically increasing loading times of all your assets (MLOs, Cars, Resources etc) for the Players connecting from different regions.


  • Dedicated CDN servers for faster asset downloading
  • Multi-region support
  • Analytics Dashboard (Not Available for self-hosted)


  • International Players load just as fast as local Players
  • Players don't fall through the map due to unloaded assets when TP'd
  • MLOs etc load near instantly for players 1000s of miles away from the server
  • Asset loading from CDN means a better player experience as they load near instantly instead of waiting for the models to be loaded across ocean
  • ALL Major websites and streaming services use this type of technology and it benefits them greatly. Bring that experience to your game server NOW!

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